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Benefits Office

These benefits have long included a health plan, a Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

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Training Center

No other organization serves the training needs of the steamfitter industry For over a century, the UA has been training the most highly-qualified workers in the United States

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Welcome to Steamfitters Local 420

No other organization serves the training needs of the piping industry like the United Association.

Welcome to Steamfitters Local 420

The Steamfitters of UA Local 420 would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about us. Since first chartered in 1903, Steamfitters Local 420 has been constructing, installing and maintaining Mechanical systems throughout our jurisdiction. We service the entire state of Pennsylvania's gas pipeline distribution. In addition, Local 420 has jurisdiction in the area of instrumentation calibration over four states. Including Pennsylvania, we service New Jersey, Delaware, and New York.

Throughout our great history, we've worked on many high profile projects in working to build Philadelphia into the great city it is today. We're proud to have worked on projects such as the Sun Oil Refineries, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the stadiums for the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers.

If you're building a new or upgrading your current Industrial or Commercial facility, build and service with Steamfitters Local 420 by utilizing one of our Signatory Contractors.

CHOP 2023 Charity Golf Event Recap Video


We were honored to donate to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. They are at the forefront of providing the highest quality, compassionate, and family-centered care, ensuring that our little ones have the best possible chance at a bright and healthy future. Our golf tournament allowed us to donate $80,000 to this amazing foundation. Thank you to all who participated.  Let's continue to make a difference in our communities!  The video recaps an outstanding day!

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  • Local 420 is taking care of its members, families, and the community through youth programs, scholarship funds, specialized educational programs, active participation in local and regional affairs, and vested retirement and health programs to protect its members.

    Jim Snell

    Business Manager

Members of Local 420 are career-oriented individuals, proud of their heritage, their superior training and the opportunities offered in their field.

Local 420 contributes to future employment opportunities and supporting efforts to revitalize Philadelphia in order to attract new businesses and new employment opportunities for all residents of this metropolitan area.

14420 Townsend Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Union Office Phone:
(267) 350-4200

Training Center Phone:
(267) 350-2610

Benefits Office Phone:
(267) 350-2600

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