Monday, December 21, 2020

Attached below via the link you will find the latest official, estimated delegate count for Steamfitters Local Union 420. The United Association currently has allotted Local 420 forty-five (45) total delegates based on the results of our November cash sheet.

Click here to view the pdf of the financial statement.

Pursuant to Section 122(a) of the UA Constitution and Article VI of the Local 420 By-Laws, and as provided for in the Alternative Procedure for Nominations approved by the General President for March 2021 delegate elections, Local 420 will conduct nominations and a mail ballot election for 34 delegates to the 2021 Convention of the United Association.

Note: Local 420 is currently allotted 45 total delegates based on our current monthly cash sheet, 11 of whom shall be  the weekly salaried elected officers of Local 420 (UA Constitution, Section 18).

The final delegate total, in accordance with Section 13 of the UA Constitution, will be based on the cash sheet membership total during the fifth full month (March 2021) immediately preceding the month in which the convention is to be held.

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